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Our story really began in the 1960’s. I grew up in a big Italian family in Chicago. When our family got together it always centered around really great food. And we loved to eat. It seemed like we would always be drawn to the kitchen or the grill outside chatting, laughing, and nibbling. Now fast forward to 1978 and my entrance into the U.S. Air Force. For the next 21 years I had the privilege of flying some great aircraft all around our wondrous planet. I’ve been to every American state, every continent...even Antarctica, and at last count, 86 countries around the world. In all that traveling I was amazed that the great Chicago food that I took for granted as a youth hadn’t traveled much out of Chicago? This puzzled me and caused great consternation!

After retiring from the Air Force I went back to Chicago. I quickly got re-assimilated back into the Chicago food scene. And again, the nagging question, why, oh why, hasn’t the sublime Chicago hotdog or mind altering Italian Beef made it out of Chicago for the rest of America to enjoy?

And then it happened. I knew there was only one thing for me to do…move to Alaska and open a restaurant serving awesome, mouth-watering great Chicago food. So I researched, planned, and collaborated with Chicago’s finest beef and hotdog restaurants to learn and develop Chicago’s Best. Why Alaska you might ask? That’s simple, with all my globetrotting I frequently visited here and loved it.

I arrived in Anchorage in 2004 and began operations using a custom manufactured mobile food kitchen. The mobile kitchen let me test the market and provided me the opportunity to open a restaurant at the Elmendorf AFB Base Exchange food court.

After opening our restaurant on Elmendorf, we’ve been so swamped with requests to open a restaurant in Anchorage and the Valley that we sold the mobile food kitchen so that we can focus—like a proverbial laser beam—on securing the “right” location to open up our next restaurant.

We greatly appreciate you, our loyal customers encouraging us to open a restaurant off the base, and believe us when we say that we are steadfastly working to make it happen.

Again, thank you for your support,
John Mayser

P.S. My favorite way to eat an Italian Beef is dipped, with hot & sweet peppers…oh yeah!